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Hi, Lovelies,

If you follow me over on Bad Mum magazine then you will know me already (obviously) but for anyone who has stumbled over to Bad Mum Business School, I will give you a quick intro and maybe a few things you might not know about me.

I am Sophie Farrow and I founded Bad Mum magazine in September 2016, and since then it has grown into a great honest parenting platform for parents to speak openly without any of the BS the media only want us to see.

Bad Mum magazine is open to anyone that wants to share their blog post, story, campaign or even a feature with the whole community. The main focus is honesty and showing everyone that we ALL DO IT.

The blog then grew on to Bad Mum Book Club which has the latest reads, book reviews and book lists, and then we also have Bad Mum 2B which supports all new mothers, pregnant ladies, ladies on the IVF journey and so on. Both sections compliment Bad Mum very well.

And now we have Bad Mum Business School.

The reason I have decided to start the business school is that I receive many emails and DM’s from lovely ladies all wanting to start a blog or trying to find the confidence to start writing a blog post. I completely understand this feeling because not many people know that I have been blogging now for ten years!

I started blogging when hardly anyone knew what a blog was and most people treated it as an online diary. This gave blogging a bad rep because it was only known for “Geeks” and “Nerds”, and I even got told once “who would want to read someone’s diary? Get a life!”

If only they knew what it would become.

I always knew and I stuck with it for years, but I do wish that I knew what I did now, back then and maybe I would be in a different position or further on. But instead of looking at it as wasted years, I like to see it as training to prepare me for now. The time wasn’t right – I hadn’t found my place or voice. That came with Bad Mum and the penny finally dropped.

But, even years on I do remember that feeling of nerves and dread of pressing ‘post’ on your first blog post and showing the world your work. Back in the day, blogs were so rare so I was physically shaking when I finally posted. Looking back it was some of my best work!

I would sit in my Mum’s spare room and I would be sitting on the edge of the bed and my small netbook was on a tiny foldable table. I would sit there for hours working away on my blog, learning everything myself and creating work I was bloody proud of.

Even though I was proud I still didn’t show anyone I knew for months! Then one day I did the big thing – I put it on – wait for it…Facebook. Back then Facebook was huge and I lived on it (I then came off it years ago as we fell out of love!) My God, I was so nervous that day and I still remember the feeling now. I was showing a side of me that they hadn’t seen before, baring all for everyone to see and finally letting people read my writing.

You know that dream where you walk into work or school naked? Yeah, it feels like that!

But once you have done the first couple then people quickly get used to it and if I can do it back then, then trust me you can do it now when every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing it too.

I quickly realised that as there weren’t many blogs around on the internet you had to graft even harder then you do now.

Yes, that doesn’t make sense, does it?

Because surely if there aren’t many blogs on the scene then your one will be read by loads of people…right?

Wrong. Because it was all new and people were getting their heads around the idea, people weren’t looking for them. A blog wasn’t on their radar so the only way was to follow other blogs, read other blogs, comment on other blogs, build friendships in the blogging community and do this over and over and over again. A very slow process but back then the followers didn’t matter as much because it was a space of the internet just for you. You have the freedom to be as creative as you can and showcase your talents to the world for FREE. That cant be bad, can it?

Today there are thousands of blogs out there and even more parenting blogs popping up daily, so the hard graft doesn’t stop but it is a different kind of graft. The game is totally different. Now you have to get people to read your blog and not the other hundred sitting behind you waiting. That is hard.

Nowadays a blog is the “norm” and no big deal. Everyone is a blogger and anyone can start one when they feel like it. The sparkle has gone out slightly and I would love to bring it back.

Blog for the right reasons, to show you, to have a vision, to start something exciting and to follow your own path. Whatever your goal is, always remember it on your “journey” as it is so easy to wonder off to somewhere else.

So, with my years of experience in the blogging world and I have also written for several websites, the Huffington Post, and I have also been published in a magazine; I can help the lovely ladies that email me.

But I am not a shout it from the rooftops kinda gal, I do keep my achievements quiet most the time and to look or talk to me you might not think I know my shit when it comes to this; and trust me I will NEVER claim to be an expert or professional, this is just what I have learnt in ten years and how I can help you. But I do have my shit together when it comes to the blogging world, most of the time…I think!

If you know me you will know my approach is very honest, down to earth and basically, normal. Just treat me as a mate helping you out!

I have put together some packages that might be able to help you kickstart your blogging world and get you out there a bit quicker, to help people see all your hard work and vision. As I know how hard it is and how easy it is to give up in the first couple of weeks when you are still only getting 9 views on something you are mega proud of. This is my fourth blog, so it is all trial and error but with all my mistakes I can help you not make the same.

There is no sales pitch, no bloody contract, no empty promises, and most importantly not BS!

This is just me giving you my time and helping you out. It really is that simple.

Take a look at the packages and if you have any questions please just give me a shout!

Thank you,

Sophie x

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